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Apply For Your Breakthrough Coaching Session with Life Coach, Inez Bracy

Coaching is one of the tools successful people use to create the life and business they dream of. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, says “Everyone needs a coach, what might you accomplish with your own coach?”

Google’s CEO has his own life coach, imagine what you can do with your own life coach in one short hour? In that hour with your life coach are you willing to:

🙋🏽 Gain clarity in determining your personal goals
🙋🏽 Expand your thoughts to help you understand the actions required to reach those goals
🙋🏽 Create a crystal clear vision giving yourself permission to live the life you deserve

You will receive a confirmation email with some thought provoking questions prior to our call. These questions are designed to ensure you receive a tailored experience to fit your needs.

This breakthrough session is a time for you to express yourself by verbalizing the issues that concern you.

The following is included in your coaching session:

  • Anything that we talk about on the call stays between us.
  • A deliberate strategy designed to get you into the proper mindset to create your, life your way.
  • Based on our conversation we will redirect your thinking to live confidently and courageously.
  • Your personal coaching experience with Inez Bracy laser focused to your needs.

As an introductory offer, your 60 minute breakthrough coaching session is valued at $657 and is priced at $297.


“In my fifteen minute consultation with Inez, I gained more clarity on my target market. In that short time of our discussion, I became more excited about my business and more inspired to take action immediately. If you haven’t scheduled your FREE fifteen minute consultation, what is it that you are waiting for? Get it scheduled TODAY!!”

~Hope Scippio

smith“I have only had a few sessions with you in which your wisdom and guidance has created a total shift in my mind set. This has occurred in such a short period of time I can only say it is nothing less than amazing. You have shared with me valuable tools that I can use to assist me in living a life that is full of joy and abundance. You have been a true blessing in my life.”
Thank You! ~Pat Smith, Lake Mary, FL.