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Inez Bracy is a Masterful Coach, Inspiring Speaker, Renowned Radio Talk Show Host, TV Personality, World traveler, and Award-winning Author. Inez has a passion for helping solo boomer women to confidently and courageously redefine their solo lifestyle.


NOW is the time to discover your divine truth: you ARE smart enough, good enough and loveable!

Inez Bracy travels the world confidently and unafraid meeting and engaging with people. She traveled fourteen countries in fourteen months. Being in Southeast Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific opened her eyes, heart and soul to a freedom she had never before experienced. She is passionate about sharing this with other single, divorced and widowed boomer women.

You see she is single and traveled solo the entire time, meeting many beautiful people along the way.

She found that most of the people traveling were happy and enjoying life. Her hope is that you solo (single, divorced, widowed) boomer woman get to see, experience and feel the world on your terms, to reconnect with your goddess, your soul and your femininity. She sees you confident, enjoying life, unafraid, traveling and living boldly.

To all outside appearances, boomer women are enjoying life more than ever before, and for good reason.


  • starting your own business

  • retiring with disposable income

  • living in places that make you feel safe

But, even with all of this, there is one eternal question that boomer women struggle with daily “How do I fill this empty hole inside?” You know the empty hole of fear that keeps you from dining in restaurants, shopping and traveling alone.

Throughout the ages boomer women have accepted this feeling as ordinary and customary. This feeling holds you hostage in your comfort zone which often feels like a prison.

  • reconnect with your soul
  • unleash your goddess
  • tap into your femininity
  • embrace your bliss
  • travel fearlessly
  • confidently live boldly

Learn From a Recognized Leader and World Traveler

Inez read books, magazines and watched movies, always dreaming of traveling the world. In these stories, she would see and feel herself in faraway places. She yearned to travel and experience the smells, sights, food, wine and people.

One dream was her constant companion, to sit on a dimly lit piazza sharing food and wine talking and laughing with people from around the world while listening to a local band. She could see the people, taste the wine, hear their accents, see their faces and touch their hands.

Inez Dancing, Subic Bay, Philippines


Inez, Subic Bay, Philippines

This dream became her reality during her first month of traveling abroad. It occurred naturally and felt so familiar that she didn’t recognize it because it was with beer instead of wine!. Upon reflection the next morning it ‘hit her like a ton of bricks! She screamed with joy, her excitement had no boundaries because the experience was priceless and perfect. It matched her dream!

Inez traveled solo to fourteen countries, meeting people from across the globe. She noticed that travelers were happy, enjoyed what they were doing and most of them spoke English!

Her desire is for you to experience the same! Dine, shop and travel solo. Solo travel is very rewarding because the only requirement is to please yourself!


Get Started With Inez Today

Inez’ simple and practical tips will help you easily tap into your inner resources to fill the empty hole inside, be confident and courageous living blissfully, spiritually connected and authentic. See yourself experiencing the joy of living your life, your way.

She has created dynamic products and programs to help you grow yourself, confidently and courageously doing the things you enjoy. These products and programs range from online strategies to self-mastery building blocks to success mindsets to group and private coaching with Inez.

Inez is passionate about helping women fill the empty hole inside, gain confidence and become courageous. She is hosting monthly Open Line Coaching calls every 3rd Thursday to support you on designing your life your way; becoming authentically you.

This Monthly Open Line Coaching Call is chock full of information you can use immediately. Do you dream of living a different lifestyle and don’t know how? Would you love to experience the joy of knowing that you’re okay, lovable, capable, and worthy. Join the Monthly call and get started living your life, your way unapologetically.

Get started with this introductory price of $1 and then $17 each month thereafter. This one hour coaching call is valued at $497, and is priced at $17 for a limited time.

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