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Inez at the Chinese Gardens Sydney, Australia

2020 The Year Of NO Travel!

This year 2020 is the year that you planned to use much of your time traveling! And, then, your world rocked and turned upside down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of your plans were put on hold and as the year progressed, you canceled your plans. My family had three trips planned, all [...]

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3 Benefits To Ending Your Fear Of Traveling

3 Benefits Of Ending Your Fear Of Traveling If you are anything like me, you’ve dreamt of traveling abroad but have not planned your trip. Immediately after your dream thoughts come up about all the tasks that demand attention and the fear of “how will I communicate.” One of the biggest fears is not speaking [...]

9 Tips To Overcome Being Afraid Of Getting Lost

All your life you have longed to travel but are afraid of getting lost so you say no to all the wonderful travel opportunities offered to you by family and friends.  Does the mere thought of going somewhere alone cause you confusion and anxiety?    You keep proving to yourself that you cannot easily go from [...]

Know before you go

Know before you go usually applies to learning as much as you can about your destination including food, people, language, culture and especially the cost of transportation from the airport.  Even if you know all of this and more you are not prepared for the unforeseen and unknown such as the recent ban on some travelers entering the [...]

5 Tips On How To Travel With Confidence

Using these 5 tips on how travel with confidence will get you thinking differently about traveling.  Because you’ve been thinking about it FOREVER! You spend time visiting websites, reading about others’ travel and longing to go to those places.  You’ve told everyone who would listen that you’re going and every time you say it, a [...]

Is travel insurance absolutely right for you?

That is a very good question and the answer varies.  I rarely use travel insurance when traveling in the US because even if there are delays and other events, I'm not out of pocket for large sums of money.  On the other hand, when traveling abroad, I almost always have travel insurance.  Traveling abroad with [...]

Where do I find real local food?

A question that I asked quite often while traveling abroad was "where do I find local food?"  I was surprised to see McDonalds, Burger King and Denny's in many countries.  They were always packed and most stayed open 24 hours daily.  Before leaving home I decided that I would experience as much of each country's culture [...]

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Will I be okay traveling solo?

Of course, I will be okay traveling solo!  Immediately having this thought puts you in the realm of possibilities and courage.  Your mind begins to dwell in places of excitement lifting your vibrational level, exuding bliss knowing that you are protected wherever you are. Tweet: Being okay traveling solo will depend totally on you. It [...]

How do I explain my travel dreams to my family and friends?

How to explain my travel dreams to my friends and family was very difficult especially because they don't desire to travel outside of the United States. They were very afraid that something terrible would happen to me. Their fears were based on watching the news and reading the papers. I decided that the best way [...]

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Listen to Your Intuition

Listen to your intuition!  A huge part of staying safe while traveling is being aware of you and your surroundings at all times.  Intuition helps you with that. Have you ever been enjoying yourself, having fun, laughing out loud and then you feel as if something shifted, something doesn't feel right?  You ignored the feeling [...]

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