Life Coaching for Boomers

Boomer woman, your time IS NOW! You’ve been almost everything to everybody and now is your time to take a break.  Taking a break just for you! Yes, some might call you selfish. Especially when you say NO to something you’re always said YES to and that’s really OK.  

Remember, NO is a complete sentence…how cool is that!

Now is your time to be, do, and have all the things you’ve yearned for all these years.  You don’t have them because you always put them “on the back burner.”

To all outside appearances, boomer women are enjoying life more than ever, and for good reason.


  • Starting your own business.  You’re turning hobbies and ideas into businesses, meeting new people and having fun.  
  • Retiring with disposable income.  Yes, you worked, saved and invested.  Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Use your income to do the things that make your heart sing, that causes you to smile or laugh out loud, and gives you the peace you desire and deserve.  
  • Living in places that make you feel safe.  You surround yourself with like-minded people and share delightful conversations.  

But, even with all of this, there is one eternal question that boomer women struggle with daily “How do I fill this empty hole inside?” You know the empty hole of fear that keeps you from dining in restaurants, shopping and traveling alone.

Throughout your lives boomers have accepted this feeling as ordinary and customary. This feeling holds you hostage in your comfort zone which often feels like a prison.

Now is your time to:

  • Reconnect with your soul.
  • Tap into your femininity.
  • Embrace your bliss.
  • Travel fearlessly.
  • Live confidently & boldly.

Inez’ simple and practical tips will help you easily tap into your inner resources to:

  • Fill the empty hole inside
  • Be confident and courageous
  • Live blissfully
  • Be spiritually connected and authentic
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