Coaching for Solo Travelers

Me and my friend Didi in Bali going for a ride on his Scooter. It was hilarious.

Solo traveling boomer woman can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself! Because it is an investment in you and your dreams. This gift allows you to just be YOU without having any of the roles you usually hold (mother, friend, sister, auntie, employee, entrepreneur and etc). You get to choose what you do and where you go based only on your desires! This gives you a sense of freedom that you don’t recognize as missing. It’s very subtle, it feels as if “something snuck up on you” and you realize how good it feels!

Sharing your desire with your family can be difficult, especially if they are driven by the fear of “what might happen.” Interestingly, the “what might happen” is always negative or horrendous. It is important to be firm and focused when you share your desire to travel with friends and family. You will receive a myriad of reasons and evidence as to why you SHOULDN’T travel. Smile, tell them thank you, and remember that anything that is happening anywhere is happening in the country in which you live. (Just don’t say that to them!)

One of the biggest choices about traveling as a solo boomer woman is making the decision to experience your dreams. You’ve read books, magazines, watched the travel channel and have even gotten pamphlets from travel agents. You see yourself in all those wonderful places and yearn to be there. Now is your time!

I remember Skyping one of my friends when I was in Fiji and she said, “I am so glad that you didn’t let my fear stop you from going.”

You can diminish your fear by always practicing mindfulness and awareness when traveling, (locally or internationally). This allows you to be in the present moment, using all of your senses to notice your environment. You will immediately know if and when something changes and whether to stay or go to some other place. Sometimes you are having such a great time that you really want to stay, leave anyway. Always honor yourself!

This is  me with Wang and friends in China.  One of the things I noticed in China is that food is almost always present!

Traveling solo for fourteen months in Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand the most frequent question I was asked is “How did you do this, aren’t you afraid?” My answer, “No, I’m not afraid,” was easy because of practicing mindfulness and awareness in all situations.

You see, one thing I know for sure is, if you carry the energy of fear or victimhood, you are more likely to experience unfortunate situations. Carrying the energy of faith, love, trust, and calm helps to keep you in the present attentive state, noticing all of your environment, which keeps unfortunate situations at bay.

Boomer woman, your mind is going in circles deciding if traveling solo is right for you.

Even though you know you’re ready to start exploring the world and having awesome adventures, you’d just like a little more information on being safe while traveling solo. I have written this with you in mind.

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