Stop blaming yourself, focus on those things and people that support you!

Grand rising, good morning, good afternoon, good evening to my friends around the globe. This is Inez your Audacious Living and Confidence Coach and I am absolutely over the moon thrilled to be with you today.  This has been an amazing 72 hours when we did our three minutes of focusing on and imagining Safety, Love and Peace.  Safety, Love and Peace.

Debbie thank you so much for watching.  I just saw your your photos of your trip this morning to the beach.  I am so enjoying all of it because they are never ever the same.   Which lets us know that whatever is going on in our world changes all the time!

What goes on in the world changes all the time.   Our personal world changes all the time.  We can find the beauty in the change.  

Or we can get to my daily booster right now which is stop blaming yourself.  Many times we blame ourselves and we beat ourselves up. Any time you are in the energy of blaming yourself for something you’re going to find that energy is a negative energy.

The more you focus on blame, blame, blame, I shouldn’t have done that or I should have done this  you’re going to notice your energy

starts to drop.  Sometimes it will plummet so low that you almost get into a depression!  Don’t allow that to happen to yourself because you have total exquisite control over your mind.

Believe it or not.  If you don’t believe it, just give it a practice for the next 72 hours focus only on those things that support you.  Just focus on those things that support you.  You might say, well Inez I haven’t found anything to support me in so long.  We’ll start looking now, just peel back the layers.

As you start to peel back the layers of blaming yourself for things, you will find that little Nugget that says wait a minute.  This is something that supports me in being who I know myself to be and  living the lifestyle that I desire.  Go into the places my heart takes me to connecting fully with my soul allowing my soul to speak to me and listen.  Because when we don’t listen, that is when things that we don’t want start to happen.

I have a friend who was going to an event the other day.  We must have been under a tropical storm or something because it rained all day long.  She got to the gate and something said no turn around and go back home.  She listened and I congratulated her on that.

Because many times we get so caught up in the being and doing and going that we don’t listen. 

When you start to give yourself the opportunity and the permission to listen, the blame will stop.  Your daily booster today is stop blaming yourself.  If you need some help with that I will put my calendar in the comments below.  You can schedule a time with me.  Some people say well I don’t want to use a calendar.   If I don’t use a calendar I would be running around like a dog chasing his tail or something because I wouldn’t know what I’m doing next.  It is important to find what works for you in your life so that you can stay on track.

I am Inez your Audacious Living and Confidence Coach and I will be back tomorrow create your most exquisite day.

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