You’re not obligated to do anything that doesn’t support you or the people you’re doing it for!

Grand rising, good morning, good afternoon, good evening to my friends around the globe. I am absolutely thrilled to be with you today, it is totally amazing.  Yesterday we talked about Blame and as I was going through the day yesterday I was thinking about how many people still blame themselves for things over which they have no control.

They continue to suffer and I use that word intentionally because it makes them feel bad.  So if you used any of the tips that I gave you yesterday on Your Daily Booster you are able to let some of that go. Continue working on that because the more you beat yourself up the less likely you are to achieve those things that your heart calls for.

Those things that you know you desire! 

Your Daily Booster for today is Obligation. Some of us feel as if we must do things. We feel that we are obligated to do something that we really don’t want to do. We think it’s timed out, for instance, in some cultures there are people who expect the family to take care of them whether that person does any work or not. If they ask you for something and you’re working you are obligated to give it to them.

As you do that, you start to feel resentment, you start to feel blame and shame.  All of those things that will not support you in being your best self. Those are some cultures that we have. Then there are others that just feel like they are supposed to do certain things, even though nobody asked them.

If everything is made in the mind anyway they start feeling as if they are being put upon now. Because they thought they were supposed to do something and they’ve been doing it ever since.  You get to understand that okay that was something that I thought I was supposed to do.

Because you thought you were supposed to do it you have continued doing it over the years. But it doesn’t feel good anymore and for that reason you get to have the conversation with yourself, remember the mind is in control.  As you have this conversation with yourself you get to release any attachment to doing those things for which you felt obligated to do.

It no longer serves you and it’s not even serving the person or the people for whom you’re doing it.  

Your Daily Booster today is Obligation. Combined with the blame that we talked about yesterday take a look at obligations. Decide if it is supporting you and the people with whom you’re working. If it does not support you let it go and you’re going to feel such a relief when you decide to let it go.

It’s okay, most importantly you get to take care of yourself.  When you take care of yourself first it is so much easier to take care of others.

This is Inez your Audacious Living and Confidence Coach, and I shall see you tomorrow morning with another daily booster.

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