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It’s time to discard the old way of thinking. You know the way of thinking that keeps you hiding your knowledge, talents, and gifts. The old way of being ‘mousy’ hoping that no one notices you. The old way of thinking that keeps you feeling stuck, doing the same old thing like a hamster on a wheel and feeling like there is no way to get off.

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Working with Inez, you embrace a new way of being – seeing yourself confident, engaging, fully productive and enjoying every minute. You use your knowledge, talents and gifts to uplift and benefit all.

Inez is a dynamic coach. Prior to starting her coaching, speaking and training business, she was a computer programmer, public school teacher, a union advocate, drug abuse counselor and social worker. She uses the knowledge, skills and talents gained in her previous careers, as well as her training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, and Reiki to present lively experiential speeches and training that lead participants to self-discovery.

Are you ready to discard your old way of thinking? Take a look at Inez’s coaching programs.

Coaching for The Solo Traveler

Solo traveling can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself! Forget about the roles that you usually fill and experience an adventure all about you.

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Coaching for The Baby Boomer

After years of giving to others, many boomers feel lost and don’t know how to live a life that feeds their souls. Inez’s experiences and tips can offer you the encouragement and support you need to start your most exciting chapter yet.

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Coaching for The Executive

Building a team that works efficiently and cohesively is key to running a profitable business while maintaining a positive work environment. Through Inez’s many leadership roles, she has learned simple changes that can transform teams to a higher level of success. Learn more with Inez Bracy.

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“I recently was blessed with the opportunity to spend the weekend with my coach, Inez Bracy, whom I like to call my “other mother.” I had so much fun! I needed some clarification on matters of the heart and felt more enlightened after Inez helped me to see different perspectives and my true desires. I am grateful for this experience. I recommend anyone to do a retreat with Inez. She will open your mind and raise your spirit for the better. Thanks again Inez!!”

Tiffany Pittman, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Inez has not only helped me understand my emotional and psychological issues but provided me with tools to overcome specific problems. The tools she gave me were tangible and feasible to use (but you need commitment for them to be effectively used). I could see the effects on my personal well-being (physical and emotional health) shortly after applying the knowledge and the tools she gave me.”

Phuong Tran, Hanoi, Vietnam

“When I started working with Inez I had been out of work for almost a year. I like many of you had areas in my life that I wanted to improve and things in my past I wanted to “put it in their place” but didn’t know how. Working with Inez I was able to do that and more. She provided a safe environment while asking probing questions. She reminded me to be present while providing tips to improve my chances of getting a job. After working with Inez for three months, I was offered a job in my chosen field and accepted it. I am happier now than I’ve been in a long time and making more money than before. Thank you Inez!”

Debbie Immerso, Apopka, FL

“Inez, as you know I have gone through some tough times and had to overcome some sizable obstacles. As my coach you have always been accessible, guiding and focusing me on what needs to be done to move to the next level. Your ability to see clearly my vision enabled you to help me stay my course in spite of some serious obstacles. Your understanding of what it takes to develop a business and sustain it has allowed me to create a Mentoring program. It started as an idea one year ago. You told me to write it down. The program has moved from paper to 46 children and mentors at 2 schools to 162 children and mentors at 10 schools. It is a 501c3, has been featured on the radio and in newspapers. It is recognized by Wells Fargo Bank and the Masons. Your ‘you can do it mindset’ helped me grow into what I needed to be to make this program viable, sustainable and expandable. Additionally your understanding of budgets, revenue and solicitation was extremely helpful in our pursuit of sponsors and supporters. All of this is enhanced by you pleasant and courteous demeanor. I am a very satisfied customer and highly recommend you to my friends and associates.”

Felicia Benzo, Deltona, FL