WOW!  Is that reflection really me? Such a shock to see your reflection while walking past a mirror and see your beauty! The surprise of it all is because you haven’t really looked at yourself lately. Yes, you do your morning routine, which is just that, without seriously paying attention to any changes that have occurred.  Isn’t it time you breakthrough to the truth about your beauty?

Or, perhaps, woman over 50, you’ve intentionally NOT paid attention for fear of what you would see. If that has been you, stop it right now! In this moment you get to decide to see yourself differently. You get to recognize your truth, your truth of your beauty no matter your age.

Your reflection has shown you that now is the time to breakthrough to the truth of your beauty.

Just the other day I walked past a storefront and was shocked to see the beauty before me. This caused me to stop in my tracks and examine the attractive person staring back at me. While standing there I noticed the silver framing my face, the fire in my eyes and the smile on my lips.

Walking away from the storefront, I felt my shoulders going back, stomach tucking in, head up, strutting and humming a tune.

Now, what does this have to do with you…EVERYTHING! The way you see yourself contributes to your well-being. It supports you in:

  • Managing your thoughts
  • Having less stress
  • Experiencing less frustration
  • Being anxiety free
  • Feeling blissful

reflection breakthrough to your beautyYou too can breakthrough to the truth about your beauty!

Choosing to see yourself at your age, at this time of your life is a surefire way to know that you are beautiful. Look in the mirror, notice the coloring of your hair and the way it frames your face, notice your clear eyes lovingly looking back at you, notice the color of your eyes, notice your mouth, your cheeks, chin, and forehead.

While noticing all of this, look deeply into your heart and soul with gratitude. Your gratitude is lavish because you now accept and embrace the changes that have occurred. You’re fascinated by the beauty that looks back at you and you rejoice in the moment.

This new way of looking at yourself, boomer woman, opens you to thinking of more possibilities for living your life your way. Now see yourself confidently and courageously making difficult decisions that support you in fully enjoying being beautiful. You shop for clothes differently, noticing and buying colors that you’ve longed to wear but thought too much for you.

You now know that it is possible to have it all and to give from a full cup because you’re free! You’re free to live, love, and BE exactly who you desire to be.

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Inez Bracy, Audacious Living Coach, World Traveler, Author, and Speaker is passionately committed to guiding self-employed and executive women over 50 to achieve confidence, clarity, choice, courage and freedom so they can live their life on their own terms.

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