How the mind works is amazing!   Just the other night, my friend Helen’s mind was running in all directions.  She and I were talking about a situation she had just experienced on a dating site. Being brand new to using dating sites she was baffled at the jargon and surprised by the unkempt appearance of some of the men. A man contacted her in chat on the site and after a few perfunctory questions gave her his number and asked her to call him.

Helen is very internet savvy and decided to check the number. To her horror, she discovered that the number belonged to a woman who lived 24 miles from a penitentiary!

It reminded me of a Walter Mosley type novel I read many years ago where prisoner arranged with a woman mindwho lives outside the prison to accept and pass through phone calls for him. She would accept the calls and walk away from the phone.

That night I went to sleep and my very active mind gave me a most unusual dream.

I was standing in the yard of my childhood home, a man in a police uniform walked up to me with a clipboard and asked me to read it. I said that I needed to go inside the house to get my glasses. I went into the house and my baby sister, who died in 1982, was cleaning out the refrigerator. We talked and I was inside for about an hour. Upon returning outside, there were several men carrying long guns and walking the property. I never did read the information on the clipboard and forced myself to awaken.


Even though I read the novel many years ago, my mind brought the two incidents together even expanding on them.

Having this experience reminded me of how the mind works and the importance of being vigilant on what we allow in. Even though many of our daily thoughts come to us unbidden from the Universe, we get to be selective in the ones we allow to remain. We also get to choose the conversations we have, the materials we read, and the movies, videos and other things we watch.

Always be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. Whenever you hear or see something that does not support you in being your highest and best self, remove yourself from it!

Inez is a Coach, Speaker, Author, Scientist and Teacher dedicated to empowering high performing professional, executive, and self-employed women to reconnect with themselves, renew their joy, and courageously live their lives. With thirteen years of experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns, Inez’ mission and commitment are to help women have the lifestyle they yearn for.