Using the 5 second rule helps change your life because it is the time between a thought and taking action. Using this rule helps to keep self-doubt at bay while building confidence to change your life.

Most every morning at 8AM EDT I join a Mastermind Call that helps me to remind myself of who I BE! This week has been no different, we have been talking about shifting our thoughts.  Learning to shift supports us in achieving our desired lifestyles.

On Monday, the facilitator of the call, Dr. Ali, talked about the 5 second rule and how it aids us in changing our lives. This spoke directly to me because I’ve been practicing the “Think and Do” Rule. This rule does not allow for second guessing.  It allows for making an immediate decision that moves me into action. This works for me most of the time, however, I now know why it doesn’t work all of the time.

The 5 second rule happens when we think of something then self-doubt shows up. And we immediately start talking ourselves out of doing it.

How many times have you thought of something that is in alignment with who you are? It could be to send a note, make a call, speak to someone or just about anything that would support you in achieving your desired goal. No sooner than you have the thought, you think, I’ll do it later or she is too busy or this is not the right time…this creative list of excuses is endless. Have you noticed that most of the time the original thought NEVER gets done?  And if it is done, it is too late.

Now, you might be thinking, “Inez, sometimes the thoughts come when I can’t act on them.”  Immediately shift to “Inez, I will commit to remembering the thought and acting on it as soon as possible.” Do you feel the difference in the energy around the two?

The first one opens the door for using the creative list of never getting it done. The second one opens the door for using the creative list to get things done.  This allows you to change your life. When you can not act immediately, imagine using that 5 seconds to plan how to accomplish the task. As soon as possible, move the task from imagination to doing. Using this method is the catalyst to fuel your engine to changing your life.

Remember the 5 second rule supports you in eliminating self-doubt and building your confidence. Every time you allow your creative excuses to stop you, you are sabotaging yourself. Grab Mel Robbins book for more information on how the 5 second rule supports you in changing your life.