All your life you have longed to travel but are afraid of getting lost so you say no to all the wonderful travel opportunities offered to you by family and friends.  Does the mere thought of going somewhere alone cause you confusion and anxiety?    You keep proving to yourself that you cannot easily go from place to place because you find yourself lost whenever in unfamiliar territory.

Using these 9 tips will ensure that you can go anywhere, anytime you desire because you are no longer afraid.Do you think that you have no idea where places are or how to get to them?  Even when you’re riding with someone, you pay no attention because you trust they will get you there safely.

What would it mean to you if you could go where you want and when you want without being afraid?  Would you travel around your hometown, your state, and take a trip to a faraway place?  Imagine the freedom you will have as you blithely go from place to place because you are sure of your sense of direction.

You experience pure bliss as you visit antique shops, delightful diners, explore that park about which you’ve heard so much and just generally go about your business.

You can you know by following these 9 tips.

  1. Make a daily practice of noticing your fear when you think of going out alone.
  2. Acknowledge and feel the fear.
  3. Notice the location of the fear in your body.
  4. Place your hands over the place where the fear is located.
  5. Inhale deeply into that place, breathing in faith and exhaling fear.
  6. Do this several time daily.
  7. Notice the fear dissipating.
  8. Plan a trip just for you. Use a map to draw the route you will be taking.
  9. Buy a GPS.

Now that you have your GPS, map out your destination.  Become very familiar with where you’re going.  Mark specific places as landmarks.  Choose landmarks that mean something to you; a gas station, a store, a house, a road sign, you get the idea.  This will give you a sense of familiarity.  Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.  Use your landmarks to keep the fear at bay.

Using these 9 tips will ensure that you can go anywhere, anytime you desire because you are no longer afraid.  You feel as if you are soaring like an eagle because of the freedom you’ve embraced.  You no longer stress over being afraid of getting lost because you have walked through the fear.