Embrace change

Boomer woman you know your greatest desire is to change, but it seems dangerous and too much work.  Dangerous because who would you be, how would you feel and how would you act?  So, instead of going for your greatest desire, you find yourself running from place to place to get out of the way of perceived danger?  The dangerous old habits of self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and feeling unloved! 

Upon arriving at the “safe” place, you discover the same danger has followed you and is lurking around the corner, ready, willing and able to forcefully keep you stuck.  It just seems like the busier you are the easier it is to evade dealing with the stress of change.     

Embrace change by asking yourself these questions:
  • Questioning change is naturalAm I having difficulty meeting my needs?
  • Am I in the place I want to be in my life at this time?
  • What can I do to open myself to possibilities?
  • What can I do to see opportunities instead of challenges?
  • Who do I have to be to see the things I desire manifest in my life?
  • What do I have to do to become that person?
  • How do I silence that negative voice that stops me?

Answering these questions will prepare you for significant changes.  One of the most compelling changes you will notice is the difference in how you feel, think, act, and behave.

Imagine the difference in your life when you spend some time on personal development in quiet reflection deciding who you really are and who you are becoming. 

For many of us, each season can put us into a tailspin of doubt, questioning and can even lead to depression.  We look at all the things we said we would do only to discover that a small percentage was accomplished. 

Do not be dismayed; rejoice in the fact that you did accomplish something!

Change is inevitable Stop beating yourself up and begin anew with the dawning of each season.  You boomer woman know that you are capable of setting intentions and achieving them with a plan and action.  For each intention, you set, make it a goal and write out a plan. 

Tweet: All of this becomes moot if you do not ACT on it.  Taking action is the key to accomplishment. 

Do not discount the spiritual or metaphysical part of the process.  Staying in the spiritual and metaphysical space waiting for something to happen often leads down the ‘primrose path’ to nothingness!  Inspired action is required to manifest your intentions. 

Inez Bracy is a world traveler and specialist in helping boomer women gain confidence to live their life of choice, courage, and freedom, traveling the world fearlessly. She can be reached at http://inezbracy.com/contact