e6bearEvery morning I enjoy walking around my neighborhood.  Just the other day, returning from my walk, I opened an email from the Neighborhood Community Office that said “the bear is still in the community.”  Now for me this was quite a shocker!  How long has the bear been here, has the bear seen me walking and is it safe to walk?  What would I do if I see the bear?

The first day after reading this email I didn’t go for my walk.  All I could think about was the BEAR in the community and the what ifs.  I spent the day going from front to back looking out the windows looking for the bear!  This was not a comfortable feeling for me, I felt like a hostage in my own home.

The next day, I decided that I had walked before hearing about the bear and nothing happened so I would start walking again.  I left out that morning with a great show of confidence, walking in the middle of the street, swinging my arms, and looking all around.  I didn’t see the bear!  All my fears were unfounded.

Making that decision gave me the freedom to continue with my life.

Day 8 How will you face the bear (fear) in your life today?  What will you do to regain your freedom?