How The 5 Second Rule Helps Change Your Life

Using the 5 second rule helps change your life because it is the time between a thought and taking action. Using this rule helps to keep self-doubt at bay while building confidence to change your life. Most every morning at 8AM EDT I join a Mastermind Call that helps me to remind myself of who I [...]

5 Tips On How To Travel With Confidence

Using these 5 tips on how travel with confidence will get you thinking differently about traveling.  Because you’ve been thinking about it FOREVER! You spend time visiting websites, reading about others’ travel and longing to go to those places.  You’ve told everyone who would listen that you’re going and every time you say it, a [...]

3 Proven Tips On Being Grateful To Change Your Life

These three proven tips on being grateful to change your life helps to lessen stress and increase bliss. According to Robert Emmons, the world's leading scientific expert on gratitude, reveals that being grateful builds stronger im-mune systems, generates higher levels of positive emotions, and creates a more helpful, generous and more compassionate nature. With all [...]

What does a boomer woman do on her first date in 20 years?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who is single and is preparing for her first date in 20 years!  She’s so excited! As a boomer woman she has spent the past twenty years being an entrepreneur and helping with the grandchildren.  When I asked her "why haven't you been on a date"?  She said, [...]

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Day 15 of 45 Day Challenge: Boomer Women Reclaim Your Confidence!

"Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere. It's a result of something... hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication."~~ Roger Steinbach Confidence thinking allows you to control your thoughts.  Your thoughts shape your reality.  This is a skill that you can develop.  Remember the time you walked into a room and [...]

45 Day Challenge: Day 8-A Bear in the Community!

Every morning I enjoy walking around my neighborhood.  Just the other day, returning from my walk, I opened an email from the Neighborhood Community Office that said “the bear is still in the community.”  Now for me this was quite a shocker!  How long has the bear been here, has the bear seen me walking [...]

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It’s Your Time Now!

If you're at all like me, you're finding crossroads and divergent paths everywhere you turn.  Boomer women often find themselves at a crossroads.  You've been running hither and yond for everyone else and neglected yourself.  The nest is finally empty, you're at the top in the workplace or you're retired and yet you still feel [...]

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