Boomer women you like Alice have choices!

Alice can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  Having been sent on an errand by the rabbit she drinks from an unmarked bottle and grows to a giant size.  A size so large she can’t get out of the room or the house.  The rabbit comes home to discover he can’t get into his room.  [...]

Are boomer women ready to stop the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome?

Alice drank a potion and shrank enough to go through the small door; but she forgot to take the key off the table!  So even though she could have gone into the garden, she no longer has access.  She wishes she could telescope herself into the garden.  Poor Alice, she returned to the table to [...]

Have you discovered your golden key boomer women?

Alice found herself in unfamiliar territory.  So after sitting at a table for a while she decided to look around.  She found many locked doors as she walked up and down the hallway.  Returning to the table she saw a golden key.  On her second trip she was saddened when the key didn’t open any [...]

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Are boomer women like Alice falling down the rabbit hole?

Alice followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole without thought.  She found herself falling, falling, falling until she finally hit bottom.  Upon hitting bottom, Alice followed the white rabbit down a long hallway. Boomer women are you like Alice following the white rabbit?  You have never seen a rabbit in a coat carrying a [...]

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