Alice can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  Having been sent on an errand by the rabbit she drinks from an unmarked bottle and grows to a giant size.  A size so large she can’t get out of the room or the house.  The rabbit comes home to discover he can’t get into his room.  After trying several times he asks for help.  All the animals come to help the rabbit and finally they throw small pebbles/cakes into the room.  Curious Alice eats the cakes until she shrinks enough to escape.

I like Alice can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  Being a boomer woman my trouble happens with my self talk.  When I’m talking positive and affirming I can see myself growing large, making plans and following through.  My plans are unfolding nicely when something comes along that looks and smells delicious so I take a bite out of it.  Even though it was delicious, it was not in alignment with my plans.  So do I ask for help like the rabbit or like a shrinking Alice, I have the choice to run away, discard my plans, and see what else is available.

Boomer women the beauty of Alice in Wonderland is that no matter what you choose, you can always make another choice.  Choice is always available, seeing the choices allow boomer women to ask for help, change in a minute, stick with something and/or embrace new and exciting adventures daily.  To embrace the idea that boomer women have the power to create your life just the way you desire and dream about simply by being open to and utilizing the power of choice is empowering.

Today boomer women, whatever issues arise, ask yourself, what choices do I have available to me right now.  Then choose the one that ‘fits’ in that moment.  Being empowered boomer women lifts the burden of having to be ‘right’ because you know you can always choose something different.