How To Embrace Change: Endings & Beginnings

Boomer woman you know your greatest desire is to change, but it seems dangerous and too much work.  Dangerous because who would you be, how would you feel and how would you act?  So, instead of going for your greatest desire, you find yourself running from place to place to get out of the way [...]

How To Find The Right Workplace Mentor

Finding the right workplace mentor is very important, whether you are in business for yourself or an employee.  The right mentor for you just might be younger!  As boomer women, we sometimes do not think of having a younger mentor.  When in search of a mentor, pay attention to all the people in your workplace, especially [...]

5 Steps To Support You In Being YOU

If you could be anyone you want, who would you BE? What would that ‘BE’ look and feel like?  What do you think it would cost you to step into your being-ness?  What is it costing you NOT to? While sitting on the patio this morning sipping coffee and listening to the birds serenade me, [...]

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How to use self-talk to change your life!

Women over 50 are inclined to spend an inordinate amount of time reliving past experiences. We often focus on the negative, those issues, events, and situations that stick to us even though they were not enjoyable. These past experiences are our point reference and are used to gauge the response and behavior to new information [...]

Five Steps To Living Your Dream Life Now

Here is your opportunity to learn how to confidently live your life on your own terms… and get started quickly making positive changes in your life!  Do You Believe In Yourself? Learn how to Emerge Inspire Live. Would you like to know how to gain clarity  in your life and how your past struggles can [...]

Will I be okay traveling solo?

Of course, I will be okay traveling solo!  Immediately having this thought puts you in the realm of possibilities and courage.  Your mind begins to dwell in places of excitement lifting your vibrational level, exuding bliss knowing that you are protected wherever you are. Tweet: Being okay traveling solo will depend totally on you. It [...]

Mind, Body & Spirit Connection Exhaustion
…waiting, waiting, waiting

Realizing that my mind, body, spirit connection was suffering from exhaustion I discovered an interesting phenomenon.  By really paying attention to my self-talk I realized that much of what I was saying didn’t belong to me.  AMAZING!  I started noticing that the tone of voice and statements were coming from my childhood.  And, they were [...]

Living Smart & Well: Tonight 7 PM ET

Getting Ready for Summer! Join me tonight on the Living Smart & Well Show, NEW time and NEW day! Living Smart and Well shows you how to skip past distractions and focus on what really matters.  Are you mentally and physically ready for summer or are you wishing for the long summer days of yesteryear. [...]

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Boomer women celebrating summer!

Fancy Friday Boomer women, do you remember the song "It's summertime and the living is easy.  Fish are jumping..."  There's just something about summer that makes my heart race and I envision myself with long lazy days on the beach.  Playing in the sand and dancing to tropical music makes me tingle all over!  Do [...]

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Boomer women, are you being pimped?

Wednesday's Inspirational Thought! Boomer women, do you feel like you’re being pimped?  Everywhere you look you see messages about “inner voice”.  It seems as if it has become the new rage.  Talk radio, books, internet, magazines and TV all tout something about “inner voice” and it all seems targeted at you!  When I thought about [...]

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