9 Tips To Overcome Being Afraid Of Getting Lost

All your life you have longed to travel but are afraid of getting lost so you say no to all the wonderful travel opportunities offered to you by family and friends.  Does the mere thought of going somewhere alone cause you confusion and anxiety?    You keep proving to yourself that you cannot easily go from [...]

Who Would I Be If I Only Knew How

Do you find yourself longing to know, “ who would I be if I only knew how ” because deep inside you feel that something is missing in your life?  You’d love to discover the ‘missing’ piece so that you could complete your puzzle and feel better. You know that filling in the missing piece [...]

How The Mind Works

I’m constantly amazed at how the mind works. Just the other night, my friend Helen and I were talking about a situation she had just experienced on a dating site.  She is brand new to using dating sites and is baffled at the jargon and surprised by the unkept appearance of some of the men.  [...]

Living Smart & Well: Tonight 7 PM ET

Getting Ready for Summer! Join me tonight on the Living Smart & Well Show, NEW time and NEW day! Living Smart and Well shows you how to skip past distractions and focus on what really matters.  Are you mentally and physically ready for summer or are you wishing for the long summer days of yesteryear. [...]

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Day 45 of 45 Day Challenge: Faith

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Yesterday having a blue moon was all the rage.  Several blogs, emails and social media talked about it.  Many who had never paid attention to the blue moons before took notice.  Could it be that we ARE changing our consciousness and striving towards a different understanding [...]

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Magical Monday: Powerful Intentions Everyday Gratitude

Inez Bracy and Sue Urda, author of Powerful Intentions; Everyday Gratitude and Co-founder of the Powerful You! Women's Network discuss the power of setting intentions and living in gratitude. This is a powerful handbook for turning your authentic intentions into everyday reality. Wouldn't it be nice to learn: * The power of choice * Personal [...]

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