9 Tips To Overcome Being Afraid Of Getting Lost

All your life you have longed to travel but are afraid of getting lost so you say no to all the wonderful travel opportunities offered to you by family and friends.  Does the mere thought of going somewhere alone cause you confusion and anxiety?    You keep proving to yourself that you cannot easily go from [...]

How The Mind Works

I’m constantly amazed at how the mind works. Just the other night, my friend Helen and I were talking about a situation she had just experienced on a dating site.  She is brand new to using dating sites and is baffled at the jargon and surprised by the unkept appearance of some of the men.  [...]

5 Tips On How To Travel With Confidence

Using these 5 tips on how travel with confidence will get you thinking differently about traveling.  Because you’ve been thinking about it FOREVER! You spend time visiting websites, reading about others’ travel and longing to go to those places.  You’ve told everyone who would listen that you’re going and every time you say it, a [...]

Living Your Life On Purpose

Are you feeling 'out of sorts' and don't know why? Could it be that you're not listening to the cries from your soul to do something different? is it possible that you're not living your purpose? What is your purpose?  When we're feeling this way, it is not unusual to awaken and begin to ponder “what [...]

How to use self-talk to change your life!

Women over 50 are inclined to spend an inordinate amount of time reliving past experiences. We often focus on the negative, those issues, events, and situations that stick to us even though they were not enjoyable. These past experiences are our point reference and are used to gauge the response and behavior to new information [...]

How To Live Your Dream Life Now

If you’re anything like me, you have dreams that seem just out of reach and every time you decide to ‘go for it’ something happens. I’ve dreamed about traveling abroad all of my life but somehow it was always a struggle to do it. Either I was short of money, or didn’t want to go [...]

How do I explain my travel dreams to my family and friends?

How to explain my travel dreams to my friends and family was very difficult especially because they don't desire to travel outside of the United States. They were very afraid that something terrible would happen to me. Their fears were based on watching the news and reading the papers. I decided that the best way [...]

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Listen to Your Intuition

Listen to your intuition!  A huge part of staying safe while traveling is being aware of you and your surroundings at all times.  Intuition helps you with that. Have you ever been enjoying yourself, having fun, laughing out loud and then you feel as if something shifted, something doesn't feel right?  You ignored the feeling [...]

Does your self talk sound like an old 45 record?

Boomer women are prone to remembering the good and the bad from all of their life.  They use past experiences to gauge the response and behavior to new information and actions.  Boomers can almost always look back into their memory and find a correlation for the present. What are you telling yourself?  Remember your favorite [...]

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Day 12 of 45 Day Challenge: Baby Boomer Women Taking Initiative

Practically everything we do starts with initiative.  Personal initiative is the ability to create, nurture and actualize.  Personal initiative is a choice.  It can be described as divine instruction leading to inspired action.  It requires using effective communication of ideas, visions and dreams for a desired result. Taking personal initiative involves being innovative, facing fears, [...]

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