What is transition and why is it important?  Transition is movement, passage, a change from one place to another.  It is important because change matters, change is constant.  Taking charge of your change gives you the authority and the responsibility for designing your life.  Boomer women are you out of the workforce and wondering what to do?  This is an excellent time to focus inwardly and see yourself in the position you desire and being the person you know yourself to be.

As a boomer woman seeking to reenter the workforce it’s important to acknowledge your feelings, your emotions, your desires and your needs.

Acknowledging your present feelings forces you to really think about the job you’d most like at this time in your life.

And boomer woman because you’re already out of the workforce and looking to reenter, you can choose exactly what you want.  Choosing exactly the job you’d like will require some research.

Researching the different jobs will help you to reverse any negative feelings you might have about going back into the workforce.  You might find that the job you’d most like requires that you go back to school.  Because you’ve done your research, going back to school to prepare for your dream job gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Ultimately it is up to you!

Transitioning back into the workforce can be scary but it can also be exciting.  It is exciting when you know you’re equipped with the ‘right’ tools for success.  The excitement also stems from knowing you’re causing your success.  Causing your success boomer woman lifts your self confidence, increases your knowledge and assures you that no matter what comes your way, you can handle it.

Taking charge of your transition puts you in the ‘driver’s seat’ and you control your trip!


Inez Bracy

Lifestyle Transitions Coach