Having a blissful holiday boomer woman is entirely up to you! This is your time to decide what you desire and how you want things to be.  You CHOOSE!

Twas the first of December and all thru the land, people are scurrying around getting gifts for their clan.  Gift bags and wrapping paper are all over the floor, wrapping these gifts have become quite a chore. You imagine family and friends gathered around the tree, singing songs of joy with uninhibited glee. Instead, you’re worrying about everything that can be.

Our feelings about the holidays are very personal. Boomer woman it’s not unusual during this busy time of year to notice our feelings bounce back and forth, up and down, and all over the place. That’s because there is usually so much to do that stress becomes our constant companion. Instead of delighting in the holiday spirit, we may find ourselves worrying if we can get it all done, afford all the presents, and ensure the family gathering goes well.

We yearn for the blissful holidays of our youth!

Mainstream media makes it hard. All the commercials show families laughing, singing and having a grand time or couples in love smiling while looking deeply into each other’s eyes.  Sometimes we feel sad because our life isn’t like the commercials. Boomer woman, other times happiness exudes from every pore while remembering the “good times.” The holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Pause, Breathe, Relax! In spite of it all, we can create blissful holidays using these four tips.

1.  Plan what you will do during the holidays. In this plan include time for work, shopping, relaxing and partying.  This is key to being centered and stress-free during this jam-packed season.

2. Decide how much money you will use on gifts, food and other items.  Do your very best to stick to your plan.  It’s now fashionable to give gift cards.  Pay special attention to the cost of the card and the activation fee.  Also, be aware of a “use by date” or “declining value over time.”

3. Manage your expectations. Large and small family gatherings have different dynamics.  If Uncle Joe always brings up unpleasant topics, don’t expect him to be any different.  You get to react differently because you’ve prepared yourself for Uncle Joe to be himself.

4. Be mindful and aware. This is your pause time.  Take a few minutes daily just for yourself. During this time, practice breathing, and intentionally relax.This gives you the energy to rejoin the group and fully experience the meaningful moments.

Using these four tips will help you enjoy your holidays.  The main thing boomer woman is to be present, let go of old non-supportive thoughts and practice gratitude.