Inez Bracy and Sue Urda, author of Powerful Intentions; Everyday Gratitude and Co-founder of the Powerful You! Women’s Network discuss the power of setting intentions and living in gratitude. This is a powerful handbook for turning your authentic intentions into everyday reality.

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn:

* The power of choice

* Personal growth through everyday challenges

* Be present even when your mind is cluttered

* Gain clarity to move forward

* Be grateful for what you have now and what you desire in your future

Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude is a transformational book that sets you on a 100-day journey to the center of YOU!  This book provides the tools for you to become the conscious creator of your life, instead of just being a passenger on the journey.

See yourself into your future using this timeless book to begin your 100-day journey. 

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