Now is the time to recapture your bliss

Why is now the perfect time to recapture your bliss? Because now is the only time you have; this second, minute or hour. Putting it off for another second limits your ability to be stress- free, frustration free, anxiety free, guilt free, and doubt free. Did you know that “putting things off” is a learned [...]

Six Tips To Change Your Life To Bliss

Many of us have come to a time in our lives when we are uncomfortable with who we are, who we be, what we do and wonder, “Is there more to life?” This is not unusual for women over 50 who have been successful in the workplace or in owning their own business.  While focusing [...]

How To Declare Your Freedom By Listening To YourSELF!

I declare the Month of September to be SELF-Awareness Month because it is the time when we get to slow down, take notice and reconnect with our inner being, our SELF. Our SELF is exhausted from keeping up with our frenetic pace of summer. We know that summer is only 100+ days so we keep [...]

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Five Tips To BE Worry Free and Live Blissfully

Have you ever heard that worry and faith cannot reside together? And still you catch yourself worrying about all kinds of things, “I’m an empty nester so what do I do now?”, “Oh my, I don’t get to see the grandchildren because they live so far away.”, “I wish my spouse would be more…,” the [...]

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