Who Would I Be If I Only Knew How

Do you find yourself longing to know, “ who would I be if I only knew how ” because deep inside you feel that something is missing in your life?  You’d love to discover the ‘missing’ piece so that you could complete your puzzle and feel better. You know that filling in the missing piece [...]

Six Tips To Change Your Life To Bliss

Many of us have come to a time in our lives when we are uncomfortable with who we are, who we be, what we do and wonder, “Is there more to life?” This is not unusual for women over 50 who have been successful in the workplace or in owning their own business.  While focusing [...]

What do you really want; how will you know when you have it?

Does this question cause internal struggle? Just thinking about this question causes you to break out in a ‘cold sweat’, your hands become clammy and chill bumps cover your body. You know you desire and deserve better, but how do you get it? Click to Tweet I know that struggle all too well because I [...]

Five Tips To BE Worry Free and Live Blissfully

Have you ever heard that worry and faith cannot reside together? And still you catch yourself worrying about all kinds of things, “I’m an empty nester so what do I do now?”, “Oh my, I don’t get to see the grandchildren because they live so far away.”, “I wish my spouse would be more…,” the [...]

Discover Your Genius in 3 Steps

Discovering your genius is easier than you think.  With the abundance and rapidity of information and the myth of multi-tasking it's no wonder your mind is full of chaos.  It's amazing how holding everything in your mind stifles your genius and kills your creativity.  Using the services of a life coach is an excellent way [...]

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