Living Smart & Well: Tonight 7 PM ET

Getting Ready for Summer! Join me tonight on the Living Smart & Well Show, NEW time and NEW day! Living Smart and Well shows you how to skip past distractions and focus on what really matters.  Are you mentally and physically ready for summer or are you wishing for the long summer days of yesteryear. [...]

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One Mind for Haiti Today 2:00-2:03 PM ET!

Dr. Winnie Guerre-Viard is an administrator of 'Hopital Hatte Lathan, the main hospital of Port Au Prince that was destroyed in the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. On February 23, she was interviewed via telephone by Drs. Phillip and Nalani Valentine of Earth Outreach International, one of the charitable organizations carrying out relief aid. [...]

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Boomer women create your own Service Manual

I was talking with a friend last night and she was whining about having to get up EARLY to take her car for service.  It got me thinking about how boomer women take better care of your cars than you do yourself.  You would never miss a Service appointment, no matter how inconvenient.  Boomer women [...]

Boomer women use your spiritual thermostat

Boomer women have many opportunities to react to different situations.  Your responses become so obvious and routine that family and friends expect them.  Just for today, this Wondrous Wednesday, surprise them.  Instead of rote, routine responses, take a few seconds to really think about “how would Christ respond to this”.  Those few seconds will make [...]