“Confidence doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s a result of something… hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.”~~ Roger Steinbach

j0444430Confidence thinking allows you to control your thoughts.  Your thoughts shape your reality.  This is a skill that you can develop.  Remember the time you walked into a room and all heads turned towards you, remember how great you felt and the way you put your shoulders back, head up, tummy in, ‘girls’ out (please don’t tell me about gravity) and strutted!  Do you sometimes wonder what happened to the girl with all the confidence?  When did you abdicate your ‘throne’ and begin to become invisible?

Even in the middle of planning and shopping for the holidays, you can still be confident.  Even though times are different than most of us have ever known, you can still be confident.  Boomer women more than ever MUST reclaim your right; you still have it in you!  Decide right this moment to step back into your confidence.  Words are magical.  Speak it into existence.

Day 15 As you go through your day, pay attention to your thoughts.  Are you speaking confidence or accepting whatever happens.  Either way, you’re making a choice and creating your result.

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started”~~Marcus Garvey