If you’re at all like me, you’re finding crossroads and divergent paths everywhere you turn.  Boomer women often find themselves at a crossroads.  You’ve been running hither and yond for everyone else and neglected yourself.  The nest is finally empty, you’re at the top in the workplace or you’re retired and yet you still feel as if something is missing.   Get your sexy back, become the empowered person you know yourself to be.  It’s time to find your sweet spot.  You get to reinvent, redefine and empower yourself to create the life you desire for the rest of your life.  The only thing left  for you to do is get yourself started.

You can jump right in designing your life now with the three tips below or you can try them on one at a time to see how they fit.  It’s entirely up to you; whatever you do, GET STARTED!

1. Be authentic.  I know this sound like a no-brainer but, who are you really?  You’re not JUST a single woman, or someone’s wife, or someone’s mother, or the boss! You’re so much more than ALL of that. Now is the time to ‘check in’ with yourself using meditation, reflection,coaching, journaling and soooo much more to get to your authentic self.

2. Genuinely listen. Listen to not only what is being said but also to what is unsaid.  This takes practice, pay special attention to the unsaid. Tuning into your own thoughts as well as words and actions are keys to becoming the empowered person you desire to be. Listen with your heart and soul; don’t just hear what they’re saying.  Listen because every word matters.

3. Be bold. If your closet has almost ALL black and white it’s time to add some color.  Color will help you bring a new look to your outer as well as inner appearance.  Use color to uplift your moods, declare your new independence and stride confidently into the life you’re now designing just for you.  Laugh out loud! This does not mean forced laughter.  It does mean finding humor in things (especially you).  Don’t take yourself too seriously.

After all your intent is to be self-empowered designing and creating your life just the way you want it. Becoming the person you’ve always known yourself to be.

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