Have you found yourself frustrated lately? There are things you desire to be, do and have that seem always just out of reach. No matter what you tell yourself, your desires remain elusive. You’ve even written them down, read them daily and still no result.

What if I tell you that you’re practicing textbook manifestation, you’re doing all you’ve been taught but to no avail. And because of this you experience frustration and disappointment, asking “why me” or “why not me?”

frustrationRecently I was expecting, looking forward to and just generally all hyped up about something I wanted. All of my energy was around the event and what I would do. Well the event did not happen! That left me feeling frustrated. I had to catch myself and say forcefully to myself, “what about NOW!”

That is when I realized that all of my energy had been wasted on future thought and I’d not really lived in the moment. I had totally missed much of what had been going on for and around me planning my future leading to frustration.

So, even though you’re practicing textbook manifestation, you’re not experiencing the success your desire because you’re focused outward in the future.

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You like I have been taught to “look to the future” and that a “plan must be in place”. It’s also a lot easier to focus on future thought when it seems that everything around you (reality) isn’t what you desire. You can minimize and/or eliminate frustration while manifesting by using the three tips below.
1. Write out your goals and desires feeling the emotion you will have when you achieve them
2. Read them daily with feeling
3. Using the emotion you will feel when your goals and desires are materialized, visualize your goals and desires as if it is already here

Follow these three tips and notice the difference in your life as you experience less frustration and more calm.

Women over 50 know that reality is created by and manifested by your thoughts. However, when things don’t look exactly the way we wish, it’s nice to have an escape.

Dealing with all the issues, obstacles, opportunities and whatall that comes into your daily life makes future thought an easy escape for boomer women BUT it also can and often do lead to frustration.

When reality isn’t what you thought it would be, change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts helps to change your perceptions. Changing your perception is one of the tools for accepting what is, living calmly.

What will you do differently today to move from frustration to calm?

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