How To Embrace Change: Endings & Beginnings

Boomer woman you know your greatest desire is to change, but it seems dangerous and too much work.  Dangerous because who would you be, how would you feel and how would you act?  So, instead of going for your greatest desire, you find yourself running from place to place to get out of the way [...]

How To Find The Right Workplace Mentor

Finding the right workplace mentor is very important, whether you are in business for yourself or an employee.  The right mentor for you just might be younger!  As boomer women, we sometimes do not think of having a younger mentor.  When in search of a mentor, pay attention to all the people in your workplace, especially [...]

3 Proven Tips On Being Grateful To Change Your Life

These three proven tips on being grateful to change your life helps to lessen stress and increase bliss. According to Robert Emmons, the world's leading scientific expert on gratitude, reveals that being grateful builds stronger im-mune systems, generates higher levels of positive emotions, and creates a more helpful, generous and more compassionate nature. With all [...]

The Truth About How To Use Self-Talk

  Knowing the truth about using self-talk is the most important key to opening the door to living blissfully.  According to a study in 1911 by neuroscientists Dr. Henry Head and Dr. Gordon Morgan Holmes women who wore large, tall, feathered hats as they walked through doorways ducked their heads even if they were not [...]

Three Tips To Move From Frustration To Calm

Have you found yourself frustrated lately? There are things you desire to be, do and have that seem always just out of reach. No matter what you tell yourself, your desires remain elusive. You’ve even written them down, read them daily and still no result. What if I tell you that you’re practicing textbook manifestation, [...]

Will I be okay traveling solo?

Of course, I will be okay traveling solo!  Immediately having this thought puts you in the realm of possibilities and courage.  Your mind begins to dwell in places of excitement lifting your vibrational level, exuding bliss knowing that you are protected wherever you are. Tweet: Being okay traveling solo will depend totally on you. It [...]

Boomer women: a lesson from a rabbit!

Wednesday's Inspirational Thought While walking this morning I saw a rabbit hopping.  I noticed that when the rabbit hopped, boomer women, she elongated her body to about twice her size.  When she landed her body went back to normal.  Of course this got me thinking about personal growth and accomplishing my goals.  Like many of [...]

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Boomer women, what if you really….

Fancy Friday Minute Imagine what your life would be if you faced your 'what ifs.'  How would it be different?  Boomer women, would you do ALL the things that fear stops you from doing now? You have choices; watch the video then choose your best path. [youtube]

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