Calm your mind, set intentions and live purposefully, boomer woman, bringing clarity and focus.  Being intentional is the ability to create, nurture and actualize the life of your dreams.  Living a purposeful and intentional life is a choice. Deciding to live your purposeful life gives you a feeling of confidence and courage which leads to freedom. 

This is a freedom you dream about, talk about, wish about and never have the tools to live or be about. Let me ask you, what would be different in your life if you embrace living purposefully?  

Tweet: You awaken daily with awareness and insight that guide you.

Imagine the joy you will experience because your body, mind, and spirit are in alignment. 

Boomer woman, embarking upon your journey living purposefully requires being aware of your thoughts, actions, and behaviors.  Some of your thoughts will cause internal conflict because you’re deciding to do something different.  Change is not always easy.  Remembering your intention and bringing it back to the front of your mind helps to dissolve the conflict.

Here are five tips to support you in intentionally living your purposeful life.

  1. Be open to listening to your intuition because it will provide divine instruction which leads to inspired action. 
  2. Effectively communicate your ideas, visions, and dreams to your love ones.
  3. Make changes today.  The only time we have is today, make the most of it.
  4. Live in the present, intentionally enjoying each minute.  
  5. Eliminate worry by focusing on and being present in each moment.

Using the five tips above supports you in allowing, accepting and receiving all that is Divinely yours.  

Being intentional involves being innovative, facing fears, taking the first step and always holding your vision. 

Boomer woman you are at a time in your life when you get to intentionally create the life you desire.  Step courageously into this new passage embracing and being the change.  You don’t know exactly how it will change and that’s okay; know that it is different.

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Choose to do something BOLD today toward making your vision your reality.

I’d love to hear about your BOLD experience.  Write your comments below.