5 Tips On How To Travel With Confidence

Using these 5 tips on how travel with confidence will get you thinking differently about traveling.  Because you’ve been thinking about it FOREVER! You spend time visiting websites, reading about others’ travel and longing to go to those places.  You’ve told everyone who would listen that you’re going and every time you say it, a [...]

Five Steps To Living Your Dream Life Now

Here is your opportunity to learn how to confidently live your life on your own terms… and get started quickly making positive changes in your life!  Do You Believe In Yourself? Learn how to Emerge Inspire Live. Would you like to know how to gain clarity  in your life and how your past struggles can [...]

How To Live Your Dream Life Now

If you’re anything like me, you have dreams that seem just out of reach and every time you decide to ‘go for it’ something happens. I’ve dreamed about traveling abroad all of my life but somehow it was always a struggle to do it. Either I was short of money, or didn’t want to go [...]

Are You Living Consciously?

The Inez Bracy Show: Living Smart and Well on Monday, March 2, Gorgeous For God, was all about awakening and living life fully.  Living in this fast paced world, we sometimes forget that we create our reality.  Whenever we spend time running hither and yond, we lose the power of being present.  We have ONLY [...]

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