What would be the difference in your life if you knew the Law of Attraction works all the time?  It works just as easily as Newton and his apple!  This was a clear example of the Law of Gravity.  You’ve always remembered this simple illustration and without much forethought know that “what ever goes up must come down”.  You unquestionably believe that the earth has a sphere of gravity that holds and pulls everything to it.

Now let’s take this one step further.  What if the Law of Attraction is just a variation of the Law of Gravity?  Using Newton’s example, the apple for the Law of Attraction is your thoughts, whatever you focus on, where you put your attention and intention.  This apple is your dreams, hopes and desires.  Have you experienced times in your life when you unwittingly created something you wanted simply because you thought about it and put your intention and attention to it?

This happened to me the other day.  I knew there were things required of me but didn’t feel motivated to do them even though my attention and intention were on them.  Out of nowhere (it seems) I got a phone call from a friend.  He offered to help me do just the thing that was required.  Was this the Law of Attraction at work?

Now back to our apple, as a business woman imagine your business and lifestyle as the perfect, red luscious apple.getty_rf_photo_of_woman_biting_apple  You’re in front of a basket of apples and you get to choose the perfect apple for yourself.  You pick them up one by one until you find your perfect, red luscious apple.  You examine this apple closely as you focus your full attention on it.  Now that you’ve selected your perfect apple, slowly take a bite out of it.  Just one!

Chew slowly and savor the taste, feel the texture, the sweetness and tartness compliment each other, the juice runs down the side of your mouth onto your hand.  Aaahhh business woman you feel as though you want this to last forever!  It can you know.

You’ve just experienced the secret of creating the business and lifestyle you dream about!  And it can last forever.  Just as you carefully chose your apple, you can design your lifestyle to be exactly as you desire.  Each time you think about your business and lifestyle, ask “is this my apple”.  Pay attention to the answer and then act.

What is your apple and how will you choose it?  Having trouble determining which apple to choose?  Schedule your FREE 15 minute Choose Your Apple Consultation NOW!