Accident proof changing your life
by hiring a Life Coach

You can accident proof your process of changing your life.  Because, there is nothing accidental about making the change and creating the life you dream of. It starts with a dream, develop a plan, explode into action and enter into your dream life! This all feels so very easy doesn’t it? I felt the same [...]

How to use the Law of Attraction
to create your dream life

What would be the difference in your life if you knew the Law of Attraction works all the time?  It works just as easily as Newton and his apple!  This was a clear example of the Law of Gravity.  You’ve always remembered this simple illustration and without much forethought know that “what ever goes up [...]

2013 Year in Review and living
enthusiastically in 2014

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over!   It seems as if it were only yesterday that I was preparing for 2013.  And now, it’s already time for 2014…I wish I could say that I accomplished all I planned for 2013, but that would be a lie.  It’s a lie because much of [...]

Magical Monday: Turn Your Pink Slip into a Red Hot Business

Inez Bracy interviews Jean Newell (As Seen on TV), dubbed the Boomerpreneur, 35 year Realtor found that with the down turn in the economy, it was time to do things differently. Realizing the need for keeping gadgets in one place she created the PUP (Personal Utility Purse) that everyone can use. Jean will share tips [...]

Magical Monday: Concierge customer service

Do you remember a time when you left a business shaking your head in dismay because you just could not believe the poor customer service you received?  You told yourself, “That’s the last time I’m going in there.”  And you've never gone back!  Boomer women as you go through your life you’re discovering that many [...]

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Day 42 of 45 Day Challenge: Create Your Own Destiny

Business builders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, sistapreneurs and the lists are endless.  Your clock watching days are over!  You've joined the ranks of people creating their own destiny, creating their own jobs and doing it their way.  You're quickly discovering that time has no 'hold' on you.  Being our own boss requires making a decision and [...]

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