How To Find The Right Workplace Mentor

Finding the right workplace mentor is very important, whether you are in business for yourself or an employee.  The right mentor for you just might be younger!  As boomer women, we sometimes do not think of having a younger mentor.  When in search of a mentor, pay attention to all the people in your workplace, especially [...]

The Truth About How To Use Self-Talk

  Knowing the truth about using self-talk is the most important key to opening the door to living blissfully.  According to a study in 1911 by neuroscientists Dr. Henry Head and Dr. Gordon Morgan Holmes women who wore large, tall, feathered hats as they walked through doorways ducked their heads even if they were not [...]

How to use the Law of Attraction
to create your dream life

What would be the difference in your life if you knew the Law of Attraction works all the time?  It works just as easily as Newton and his apple!  This was a clear example of the Law of Gravity.  You’ve always remembered this simple illustration and without much forethought know that “what ever goes up [...]

2013 Year in Review and living
enthusiastically in 2014

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over!   It seems as if it were only yesterday that I was preparing for 2013.  And now, it’s already time for 2014…I wish I could say that I accomplished all I planned for 2013, but that would be a lie.  It’s a lie because much of [...]

Mind, Body & Spirit Connection Exhaustion
…waiting, waiting, waiting

Realizing that my mind, body, spirit connection was suffering from exhaustion I discovered an interesting phenomenon.  By really paying attention to my self-talk I realized that much of what I was saying didn’t belong to me.  AMAZING!  I started noticing that the tone of voice and statements were coming from my childhood.  And, they were [...]