You can accident proof your process of changing your life.  Because, there is nothing accidental about making the change and creating the life you dream of. It starts with a dream, develop a plan, explode into action and enter into your dream life! This all feels so very easy doesn’t it?

I felt the same way.

old broomLiving in Fiji I have been introduced to the Sasa Broome.  This morning while sweeping the floor with the very familiar even though annoying old Sasa broom I received a reality check. Using this broom requires making more sweeps because almost every sweep causes a straw to fall out. Then I must bend over and pick up the straw to continue sweeping.

This got me to thinking about change and how hard it can be to change our life.  I thought how much easier it would be with a Life Coach.

Using the old broom is similar to our familiar current situation, our life. You see, each time I stop to pick up a single straw reminds me of how picking up ‘straws’ in my life stops me from living my dream.

A ‘straw’ can come from any area of our life. The ‘straws’ of relationships, family, business,  the list is endless. Each time we pick up a ‘straw’ it takes us off of our intended course of creating our dream life.

We lose the momentum that tells us we are worthy of having our dream life by retying the straw to the broom!

Losing the momentum throws us off track and into confusion.  In our confusion we begin to lose little pieces of ourselves.  Because the old limiting beliefs rear their ugly heads, shouting that “I’m not good enough, not worthy and undeserving.”

After long-suffering we have an epiphany! And begin creating our dream life anyway, because we know best!  This becomes a push/pull situation which is excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable.  These feelings lead us to the point where we begin to little by little go back to our old way of being.

new broomMy epiphany happened about three weeks ago. I was sick and tired of bending over and picking up straws. So, I bought a new broom! It is beautiful with long lush, strong straws. But, each time I use the new broom it feels unwieldy, bulky, and cumbersome. It never loses a straw, removes the dirt with one sweep but is extremely uncomfortable.

So, without conscious thought I reach for the old broom because it is familiar and comfortable even though I suffer!

Much like our familiar and oftentimes dreadfully frustrating life, we rather suffer. Because we know that each time something goes out of kilter, we can reach over and pick it up or move it out of the way. We also “sweep it under the rug,” out of sight out of mind.

As I am writing this, I’m deciding to become accident proof in changing and creating my dream life. I will consciously choose the new broom sweeping clean the frustrations and annoyances as they appear. There will be no straws to pick up or sweep under the rug! Situations contrary to my dream will always appear. I shall talk with my coach for clarity and focus to stay on track.

Let us continue to dream only with a slight difference. We make our dream life accident proof by hiring a coach!  Because working with our Coach we shall develop a plan, and explode into action creating our dream life with certainty!