Day 24 of 45 Day Challenge: The Myth of Multi-tasking

Have you found that you’re becoming more forgetful, more stressed and less tolerant?  Are you doing a ‘thousand’ things simultaneously?  This myth of multitasking leads to forgetfulness.  The mind isn’t really designed to focus on many things at once.  One of the ways to be less forgetful is to focus on one thing at a [...]

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Magical Monday: Retraining The Brain

Inez Bracy and Dr. Frank Lawlis will discuss his 45-Day Plan to Conquer Stress and Anxiety.  Americans are stressed out now more than ever.  Between financial stress, job security, and health worries, people are at an all time high level of anxiety. Learn how to: *Calm the brain *Visualize better stress responses *Choose foods to [...]

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Menopause: Positive Thinking?

So what's it going to be; drama or delight?  You've heard the horror stories or you're experiencing it yourself.  At this time of mental, physical and emotional transitions in your life, you're wondering "what happened to my positive attitude?"  Dealing with night sweats, mood swings and hot flashes seem to take up all of your [...]

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