Day 29 of 45 Day Challenge: Is Your Body Image Destroying Your Holidays?

Body image has become a big factor in how we see ourselves and can cause added stress during the holiday season.  A constant refrain in our brain is “how many calories is that, or how many sit ups will I have to do, or what will my family say about the way I look, and [...]

Day 18 of 45 Day Challenge: Put Joy into Your Holidays

All too quickly the holiday season is in full swing.  Almost every commercial on TV shows some type of holiday wrapping.   It's Saturday and the shopping is on!  You've planned a shopping strategy and it's not working.  Some of the items on your list are out of stock, the stores are crowded and the previously empty [...]

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Day 14 0f 45 Day Challenge: Creating Joyful Holidays

Are you dreading the holidays?  Imagine what it would be like to embrace this holiday season with the confidence of knowing you are in charge and that you hold the key to creating joyful holidays. Take a few minutes daily to visualize the holiday that you desire. See yourself successfully enjoying and completing tasks. Beginning [...]

Day 13 of 45 Day Challenge: How to Minimize Holiday Overwhelm

Do you feel as if you’re carrying the world on your shoulders and time is running out?  This burden is really getting heavy and making the Holiday season less enjoyable.  Boomer women become overwhelmed with the tasks shopping, cooking, decorating and ALL the things we think others expect us to do for the Holidays.  AND [...]

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45 Day Challenge: Day 10-Perseverance & the Holidays

Faith, belief, awareness, desire, action and motivation are required to persevere and succeed.  Boomer women know a little something about perseverance.  BUT with the holiday season upon us, we sometimes forget!  Though the tasks are many and time seems short, we know when we start that we will not quit.  It's okay to take a [...]

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