How The Mind Works

I’m constantly amazed at how the mind works. Just the other night, my friend Helen and I were talking about a situation she had just experienced on a dating site.  She is brand new to using dating sites and is baffled at the jargon and surprised by the unkept appearance of some of the men.  [...]

Five Steps To Living Your Dream Life Now

Here is your opportunity to learn how to confidently live your life on your own terms… and get started quickly making positive changes in your life!  Do You Believe In Yourself? Learn how to Emerge Inspire Live. Would you like to know how to gain clarity  in your life and how your past struggles can [...]

Mind, Body & Spirit Connection Exhaustion
…waiting, waiting, waiting

Realizing that my mind, body, spirit connection was suffering from exhaustion I discovered an interesting phenomenon.  By really paying attention to my self-talk I realized that much of what I was saying didn’t belong to me.  AMAZING!  I started noticing that the tone of voice and statements were coming from my childhood.  And, they were [...]

Discover Your Genius in 3 Steps

Discovering your genius is easier than you think.  With the abundance and rapidity of information and the myth of multi-tasking it's no wonder your mind is full of chaos.  It's amazing how holding everything in your mind stifles your genius and kills your creativity.  Using the services of a life coach is an excellent way [...]

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