How to use the Law of Attraction
to create your dream life

What would be the difference in your life if you knew the Law of Attraction works all the time?  It works just as easily as Newton and his apple!  This was a clear example of the Law of Gravity.  You’ve always remembered this simple illustration and without much forethought know that “what ever goes up [...]

Mind, Body & Spirit Connection Exhaustion
…waiting, waiting, waiting

Realizing that my mind, body, spirit connection was suffering from exhaustion I discovered an interesting phenomenon.  By really paying attention to my self-talk I realized that much of what I was saying didn’t belong to me.  AMAZING!  I started noticing that the tone of voice and statements were coming from my childhood.  And, they were [...]

Boomer women, are you being pimped?

Wednesday's Inspirational Thought! Boomer women, do you feel like you’re being pimped?  Everywhere you look you see messages about “inner voice”.  It seems as if it has become the new rage.  Talk radio, books, internet, magazines and TV all tout something about “inner voice” and it all seems targeted at you!  When I thought about [...]

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Magical Monday: Transform your life!

Inez Bracy and special guest Dr. Karen H. Sherman will shatter the myths surrounding choice. Dr. Sherman will share how to put an end to: Feeling like you just don’t matter to your partner Feeling dead and uninspired in your relationship Hurtful bickering and fighting Feeling like you’re never understood or listened to AND much [...]

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Make your own way!

Wednesday’s Inspirational Thought Ever thought of something you wanted to do and others told you it “can’t be done?”  Listening to and believing the naysayers can stop you from living your dream.  Promise yourself to be bigger than that, to be an independent thinker and to act on your thoughts.  Acting on your thoughts/dreams is [...]

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The secret is really NO secret at all

Wednesday’s Inspirational Thought You have the power within you which you can use to create the lifestyle, happiness, health and prosperity you desire.  Your mind is your world.  Choose your thoughts; choose your results! Now that you KNOW the secret, (the power within), you can embark upon the life that you desire and deserve.  Boomer [...]

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Boomer women create your own weather

About a month or so ago the tree in my yard started to bud.  The weather was warm for a few days so I guess it thought spring had arrived.  Alas, the cold weather returned and the tree lost its buds and became naked again.  This lasted until this week when it turned warm again.  [...]

Boomer women, what is your backstory?

Boomer women, what is your backstory?  You know the story you tell yourself every time you fall short of your own expectations.  The story you tell yourself when you start to feel resentful because you said yes to something you really wanted to say no to.  The story you tell yourself when no one else [...]

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