Living Your Life On Purpose

Are you feeling 'out of sorts' and don't know why? Could it be that you're not listening to the cries from your soul to do something different? is it possible that you're not living your purpose? What is your purpose?  When we're feeling this way, it is not unusual to awaken and begin to ponder “what [...]

How The Principle of Rhythm Affect Our Daily Life

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” ~~The Kybalion Women over 50 know a thing or two about rhythm.   We have experienced many situations, [...]

How to use self-talk to change your life!

Women over 50 are inclined to spend an inordinate amount of time reliving past experiences. We often focus on the negative, those issues, events, and situations that stick to us even though they were not enjoyable. These past experiences are our point reference and are used to gauge the response and behavior to new information [...]

Five Steps To Living Your Dream Life Now

Here is your opportunity to learn how to confidently live your life on your own terms… and get started quickly making positive changes in your life!  Do You Believe In Yourself? Learn how to Emerge Inspire Live. Would you like to know how to gain clarity  in your life and how your past struggles can [...]

Ken Elliott, Manifesting 1,2,3

Ken Elliott, Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don't need 3, shares with Inez Bracy tips on manifesting. It's in your hands: what would you like to have in your life? How would you script your life if you had the chance? What are your wishes? Do you long for better? In his book, he makes manifesting [...]

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Three Tips on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Mindset is EVERYTHING! These three tips on overcoming limiting beliefs are your golden key to changing your life. Yes, attitude is important, taking action is paramount, however, ALL that you do depends on your mindset. Limiting beliefs are the beliefs we hold about ourselves or others that interfere with our ability to excel and [...]

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What is your BEAR? You know the FEAR that holds you paralyzed?

What is your bear, the fear that holds you paralyzed stopping you from living your life your way?  You have often thought about being and living differently.  And every time you think about the changes required to live differently, you are almost choked by the huge that fear rises up from your solar plexus. Are [...]

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Tap into your unlimited power boomer women

Boomer women do you know you possess unlimited power!  Your power has shown up in spurts over the years when something happened and you just took charge and made everything okay. Imagine what your life would be like if you consciously tap into this power daily.  Knowing that you have this power and that you [...]

Magical Monday: Create your own weather!

Inez Bracy will interview Mary McManus, diagnosed with polio in 1959, post polio syndrome in 2006 and completed the Boston Marathon in 2009!  Mary will tell how it took her 50 years to listen to her body and realize she could make her own choices and create her own weather. On the show Mary will [...]

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