How to use self-talk to change your life!

Women over 50 are inclined to spend an inordinate amount of time reliving past experiences. We often focus on the negative, those issues, events, and situations that stick to us even though they were not enjoyable. These past experiences are our point reference and are used to gauge the response and behavior to new information [...]

Is it possible to change beliefs in a nanosecond?

Is it possible to change beliefs in a nanosecond to create the lifestyle you dream of? This morning I was reading “Attract Money Now” by Dr. Joe Vitale and was struck by a statement he made.  I’ve heard it many times and have often said it to others but have never been stopped in my [...]

Boomer women you can change your beliefs

Wednesday’s Inspirational Thought What do you assume to be true?  Your assumptions are based on your beliefs.  Beliefs are based on perceptions of past events and worry about future events. Changing your thoughts can change your beliefs.  Changing your beliefs boomer women frees you to live the life of your creation and own it!

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It is already here boomer women!

A couple of years ago I attended a three day workshop that purported to help one gain clarity and manifest their desires in the moment.  My one big hang up and take away from the workshop was, the leader kept saying and insisting that “everything you desire is already here.”  My thinking at the time [...]

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